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Our story

Our story:

A worldwide community of florists

From flowers arriving by horse and carriage to today’s smartphone app, our journey has been a long and innovative one that began over a hundred years ago.

Long before e-commerce and algorithms existed, we were developing systems and codes to connect florists and deliver flowers on different sides of the world. Our business has developed against a backdrop that encompasses some of human history’s most significant technological advances. Yet, at its core, the simple act of gifting flowers is timeless.

Today Fleurop/Interflora/FTD operates in over 140 countries, uniting and supporting a global network of independent florists comprising more than 30,000 flower shops. No production lines. No factories. Technology has advanced how we interact and our outreach but all of our flowers are still hand-crafted by local florists on high streets serving their local communities. A worldwide family of small business owners and gifted artisans that are at the heart of everything we do.

Every bouquet of fresh flowers is
a work of art, created by hand.


Silver Certified Florist, owner with her sister Rosanne of Flora Queen, Goor, Overijssel, Netherlands.

“Our business operations are environmentally friendly and most of the flowers we sell have been grown in a sustainable way. We separate waste and we use gift packaging made from recycled plastic. We already had LED lighting and want to make the building more sustainable in the future.”


Owner Victoria Gault Fowers , Belfast, UK Flora Queen, Goor, Overijssel, Netherlands.

“I really can’t think of a single thing that Interflora could have done to help us more. I am so very grateful for all the help and support we have been given this year. Interflora membership has been instrumental in keeping our business going while the store has been closed to the public.”


Florist shop in Altusried, and Nurseryin Kimratshofen, Germany.

“We have been a Fleurop partner since 1958! We are a family business, now in the 3rd generation bringing our customers closer to our love of nature with floristic, handcrafted specialties that put a smile on your face. Giving joy is our passion!”

Over 100 years of history

A groundbreaking story of visionary founders, innovation, embracing new technology, and international cooperation that continues to evolve and grow.


Our story begins in Europe in 1908 when visionary florist Max Hübner founded (Deutsche Blumenspenden-Vermittlung) The German Flower Gifting Service in Berlin. His brilliant idea was that the orders should travel, not the flowers! Within a year, 98 florists had signed up. Today you would think of it as e-commerce; back then, it was a groundbreaking idea that planted the roots for everything we still do today. By 1913 that had grown to 350 members, and after he moved to Zurich to join his new wife in her Flower shop ( still in business today!), he developed a network of many more. By 1927 he had secured the collaboration of 3,064 florists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium. In the same year, Fleurop (the name derived from «Flores Europae,» meaning the flowers of Europe) was founded as an international florist organization at a gathering in Zurich’s Kursaal. Max Hübner was unanimously elected as the first president of the European Fleurop organization, and Zurich was chosen as the location of its first head office.

Meanwhile, over in the US, The Florists’ Telegraph Delivery (FTD) was formed in 1910 by another visionary florist, the romantically named John Valentine, who organized a small group of florists to exchange orders by telegraph. Flowers on both sides of the world were being delivered thanks to the technology of the time. Those early years also saw the first use of the Mercury Man logo and slogan ́Say it with flowers’ – amazing to think 100 years later, they would both become an iconic part of the brand.

In the UK, Carl Englemann, a nursery owner from Essex, and Joe Dobson, a florist in Glasgow, had heard about the FTD and applied to bring the concept to the other side of the Atlantic. By 1923 FTD officially set up the British Unit and, in 1925, officially changed the name to Florists’ Transworld Delivery network.


As an international group composed of Fleurop/ Interflora / FTD, it’s fitting that our European roots are intertwined with the US and the UK, from a shared vision developed separately yet growing simultaneously, and eventually uniting people around the world through a shared love of flowers.

Our Think Global Act Local strategy may seem modern, but it is embedded in our roots. Fleurop introduced the Fleurin based on the Swiss franc that allowed florists to see how much an order was worth in guilders or francs back in 1935 – a form of common currency long before the Euro existed! International collaboration had long been part of the group’s identity, and finally, in 1946, all the different strands of our group came together. The International group was formed in Copenhagen between Fleurop (for continental Europe), the Interflora British Group (for Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa), and the FTD (for North and South America and Japan)– a genuinely global flower network was born!
In 1953 The FTD British unit became known as Interflora UK.


As the century and technology advanced, the group continued its tradition of innovation. In 1979 FTD officially launched the Mercury Network to link deliveries and florists using an electronic system, and in 1995, our first Interflora online shop was available. In 1990 the Swiss Fleurop organization became Fleurop-Interflora (Schweiz) Ag and, by 1996, were the first Swiss flower delivery network with an online store. Back in the mid-90s, online stores were still relatively rare and dependent on dial-up internet, but finally, people could see our beautiful bouquets online. The internet age began, and mobile phones became part of our lives. In 2003 FTD launched their first windows based point of sale system called FTD Mercury, and in the next decade or so, the first mobile versions of websites started to appear. Always ahead of the curve, in 2012, Fleurop launched the first iPhone app for worldwide flower delivery. In the decade since then, voice app technology has also been developed. We like to think that if Max Hubner and John Valentine were still alive, they would have been among the first to embrace ordering flowers from mobile phones. Flowers and technology may seem unlikely partners, but at Fleurop/Interflora/ FTD, they have been seamlessly twinned from the beginning.


In the last decade, there have been many rapid and significant changes worldwide as we all became increasingly aware of the need for good stewardship of the environment. From around 2012, governments began to create regulations to reflect the growing demand for sustainability to become integral to business, and our national units across the network started another journey of adaptation and innovation. Change and innovation have been a constant theme. We have grown and excelled for 100 years, becoming the largest florist network in the world, constantly reinventing ourselves, pushing the boundaries, and staying true to our roots and legacy. That desire to allow small individual shops to flourish, to bring the joy of flowers to people in the shortest time and easiest manner available, is just as true today as it was at the beginning, with the publication of our sustainability agenda in 2021, based on four pillars. Decreasing, Promoting, Moving, and Communicating, we began another new chapter. Today, with our updated Sustainability Framework, the story continues, deepening our Commitment to a Better World. Now, as we put plans into action, we celebrate our past, embrace the challenges of the present, and honor our commitment to the future.

The group today

Present in over 140 countries worldwide

Fleurop/Interflora/FTD is the world’s largest international flower delivery network. A globally recognized brand synonymous with quality, trust, and expertise. Our core mission remains the same as when we started. As we have done since the beginning, we continue to adapt and innovate to ensure the success of our member florists and support the growth of a sustainable floral industry.