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From farm to bouquet

How your flowers are cared for at every step of the way

The journey from farm to bouquet is changing for the better; before your flowers are crafted into beautiful bouquets by our expert florists, there are growers, distributors, and transporters all across the industry supply chain working hard to put the industry on a path to a better future.

1. Growers

At Fleurop / Interflora / FTD we are proud to work with farms and growers who offer ethically sourced flowers. Farms and nurseries are increasingly using renewable energy and seeking MPS-A certification. Locally grown flowers are becoming more readily available in many of the countries that we operate in.

We also encourage our florists to support the work done worldwide to ensure fair living wages and ethical working conditions for all flower workers. In addition to a positive impact, many of the growers are leading the way in sustainability management.

2. Distributor

Once the flowers have been grown and harvested, companies like Royal Flora Holland and many other major and small distributors use the FSI2025 standards basket to create a reliable marketplace for sustainably produced and certified plants and flowers. There are major efforts being made to shift from air to sea freight and to reduce carbon emissions at every stage of distribution from transport to storage.


– The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) is a market-driven initiative that brings together members of the international floriculture supply-chain.

– FSI members are collaborating to improve practices and drive positive change towards the sustainable production and trade of flowers and plants.

Ambition: 90% of traded flowers and pot plants by FSI members are originating from responsible sources by 2025.

3. Florist

Our florists are the best in the business, floral artists whose creativity and experience are the heart of what we do. As the last link in the supply chain, they are a vital part of our aim to build a more sustainable future for our industry.

Our Fleurop/Interflora/FTD florists are all independent businesses who create and deliver bouquets alongside their own local trade. This puts us in a unique position to be able to influence millions of recipients, florists, suppliers and communities all over the world.

4. Consumer

In the flower world our demographic is EVERYONE, flowers speak every language and cross every age and gender divide, we have been bringing them to customers around the world for over a hundred years.

We have the ability to change the emotions of our consumers in a single instant, offering them a wide range of bouquets and flowers that combine floristic, creative and sustainable aspects.

“A florist has to cover a lot of aspects.
They have to be able to talk to people.
They have to be able to grieve with people.
They have to understand.
They have to feel.
They have to Celebrate.”

from Aangela’s Florist
(Kogarah New South Wales, Australia)